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Street Sweeping Schedule
Street sweeping helps keep our City streets clean, reduces the potential for flooding during the rainy season by keeping storm drains clear, and helps prevent runoff and debris from polluting our waterways. In fact, cleaning our streets complies with the regulatory requirements of the federal Clean Water Act, the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, and the Countywide Stormwater Management Plan. 

Program Overview 
Contract Sweeping Services is the city’s contractor for their street sweeping program on public streets in neighborhoods, and on main roads throughout the city. 

Street Sweeping Enforcement Program
The Street Sweeping Enforcement Program was launched in response to citizen complaints that the city’s street sweeper missed areas where cars were parked. Clean streets keep storm drains clear of debris, reduce the potential for flooding, and prevent pollutants from reaching the ocean. The Federal Government’s National Pollution and Discharge Elimination System Act (NPDES) mandates that streets must be kept clean.

Street Sweeping Schedule
If you are not sure when your street sweeping day is, please contact the Maintenance Department at 650-853-5916 or contract Sweeping Services Customer Service at 209-942-1333 or view the Street Sweeping Schedule.

Additional Program Information
  • A city code enforcement officer follows the street sweeper and issues $20 parking citations to vehicles illegally parked on posted street sweeping days.  Click here for tips on what YOU can do to help East Palo Alto street sweepers do their job.
  • It is currently illegal to park on the street that is scheduled for sweeping that day.
  • Public residential streets are swept weekly (usually two days after trash pick-up).
  • Signs are posted in each neighborhood so residents are aware of their street sweeping day.
  • The city does not provide street sweeping on private streets.

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Ph: 650-853-3189

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