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General Plan Update
Project Description
The City of East Palo Alto is updating the 1999 General Plan and Zoning Ordinance. Generously funded by the Strategic Growth Council, the general plan update targets improving the health of city residents and is therefore referred to as a "Targeted General Plan." Through land use policies and measures that are chosen by city residents, and closely aligned with 26 indicators that are associated with public health, the plan will be accompanied by a comprehensive revision of the zoning ordinance to implement the resident’s vision.

More information regarding the completed update process is available here.

In the fall of 2012, the City of East Palo Alto selected Raimi + Associates to engage the community and refine the city’s vision, the General Plan. Each city and county adopts and updates their General Plan to guide the growth and land development of their community, for both the current period and the long term. The General Plan is the foundation for establishing goals, purposes, zoning and activities allowed on each land parcel to provide compatibility and continuity to the entire region as well as each individual neighborhood.

2035 East Palo Alto General Plan

Full Final General Plan (11926 KB)
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Vision and Guiding Principles
Chapter 2: Introduction
Chapter 3: Update Process
Chapter 4: Land Use and Urban Design
Chapter 5: Economic Development
Chapter 6: Transportation
Chapter 7: Health & Equity
Chapter 8: Parks, Open Space, and Conservation
Chapter 9: Infrastructure, Services, and Facilities
Chapter 10: Safety and Noise
Chapter 11: Westside Area Plan
Chapter 12: Implementation

General Plan Update - August  2016

Final EIR for General Plan Update

General Plan Update - April 29, 2016

Notice of Availability
Draft General Plan EIR
Draft General Plan EIR Appendices

General Plan (1999)

1. Introduction
2.0  Land Use Element (adopted 1999)
2.1  Land Use Maps (adopted 1999)
3. Circulation Element (adopted 1999)
4. Conservation and Open Space Element (adopted 1999)
5. Noise Element (adopted 1999)
6. Safety Element (adopted 1999)
7. Economic Development Element (adopted 1999)
8.0  Housing Element (adopted 2010)
8.1 Resolution 3075 Adopting Housing Element
9. General Plan Implementation Plan (adopted 1999)
10. General Plan Glossary (adopted 1999)
11.4  Fourth Amendment to the General Plan - Resolution 4172 (May 2011)