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Community Policing
Community policing is a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies which utilize community and departmental partnerships, modern problem-solving techniques, and technology to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues.

It also points to the need for a partnership between the police department and community members; a willingness to communicate and participate together, to offer mutual support around issues of concern, and for the police to be a recognized and valued part of the community. To best combat crime, social disorder, and fear of crime, we need to work together, as a community.

In East Palo Alto, we’ve embraced the concepts of community policing for a number of years. Here is more information:

A look at some of the theory behind community policing

  • School Services
East Palo Alto recognizes the importance of “early intervention” for at-risk youth, and one way to accomplish this is through its School Services - a collaborative, team approach to intervention. An officer is assigned part time to help schools and school districts when a student seems to be moving in the wrong direction - excessive truancy, drug use, or disciplinary problems, for example. The officer meets up to several times a month with school staff to discuss options and programs that may help the identified students get back on track and make better life decisions. Currently, Officer Veronica Barries is the assigned officer, and she can be reached at (650) 853-3143, or .
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A City/County partnership to help residents who are returning home from prison with their reintegration into the community.

The Annual event to raise crime/drug prevention awareness and gain neighborhood participation in partnering with the police to improve our community.  Next year's National Night out is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, August 4, 2020.  For an application to host a location, click here

East Palo Alto Police Beats
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East Palo Alto Police Department divides the City up into four different "Beats."
Sergeants and Officers are assigned to look after their Beat in a special way.

Beat One: North to South: from Kavanaugh Drive to East Bayshore Road
East to West: from University Avenue to Willow Road

Beat Two: North to South: from Rutgers Street to Runnymede Street
East to West: from Pulgas Avenue to University Avenue

Beat Three: North to South: from Runnymede Street to East Bayshore Road
East to West from Pulgas Avenue to University Avenue

Beat Four: North to South: from West Bayshore Road to Woodland Avenue
East to West: from Woodland Avenue to Poplar Avenue

24 hour dispatch 650-321-1112

Beat Sergeant Contact Information: