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Protecting Your Home
Protecting Your Home
If the floor level of your property is lower than the base flood elevation (elevation of the 100-year flood, based on the FEMA maps), consider elevating your structure, if possible. Resources are available for free from the FEMA website to assist:

All development within the city requires a permit. Always check and fulfill permitting requirements with the Building Division and Planning Division at 650-853-3189 before you build on, alter, fill, or re-grade on any portion of your property and/or within any easement or right-of-way. Also, contact either of the numbers above to report any suspected permitting violations.

If a flood is imminent, property can be protected by sandbagging areas subject to the entry of water into living spaces. The East Palo Alto Maintenance Division has sandbags available for pickup at the City Corporation Yard located at 150 Tara Road.