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East Palo Alto Police Department Divisions
East Palo Alto’s Police Department consists of three Divisions, each responsible for a different aspect of the City’s law enforcement function.

Administrative ServicesThe Administrative Services Division is the support element for the Police Department and is headed by an Administrative Services Manager.. This Division includes support for officers assigned to Patrol and Criminal Investigation Divisions, support for the community, and the hiring and training of new officers.

CIDThe Criminal Investigation Division (C.I.D.) conducts follow-up criminal investigations on crimes reported to the East Palo Alto Police Department. Typically a uniformed police officer responds to a call for service and prepares an initial police report which may require follow up investigation. A detective is then assigned to conduct the follow up investigation.  This Division consists of a Commander and four detectives. Police officers assigned to the C.I.D. undergo a series of additional specialized training prior to being assigned cases. You can contact the C.I.D. at 650-853-3160

MotorsThe Patrol Division is led by a Commander and is the largest Division within the East Palo Alto Police Department. The primary mission of the Patrol Division is uniformed patrol. Officers are deployed to respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for service throughout the city on a 24-hour basis. Calls for service range from serious in-progress crimes, to parking violations.  Officers assigned to the Patrol Division account for most of the interactions between the police department and community.

 Patrol Cars