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Below is a list of Informational Documents and Notices that pertain to the Rent Stabilization Program. 

For documents and forms pertaining to Landlords, Tenants, Mobile Home Parks, and for forms in Spanish; please use the sub-category pages to navigate directly to the forms section that you need.  Our office will be happy to help you complete any of the forms found on our website by calling (650) 853-3114.  You are welcome to submit forms electronically or in person at our office. 

INFORMATIONAL DOCUMENTS AND NOTICES                                                    

NEW!!!    2019-2020 Annual Program Fee & Requirements  
2010 Rent Stabilization & Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance of the City of East Palo Alto  
1988 Ordinance to Stabilize Rents and Establish Good Cause For Eviction                                              

2010 Ordinance Regulations - Amended 10APRIL2019                                                                           

Residential Unit Inspection Referral Protocol Packet                                                                               

Current 2020-2021 AGA is 2.3%

Current Program Year Annual General Adjustment Resolution: AGA