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Bicycle Master Plan Update
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The City of East Palo Alto is updating is Bicycle Transportation Master Plan and wants your help!
Final Bike Plan Draft Cover Image.JPG Next Event: Final Bike Plan Draft will be adopted on October 3, 2017 7:30pm @ City Hall - 2415 University Avenue, East Palo Alto

Important Dates

 Event  Date
Bike EPA Survey  April 1, 2017-May 30, 2017
Public Works &Transportation Committee- Seeking Input  4/19/2017
Planning Commission Meeting- Seeking Input  5/8/2017
Bike to Work Day (Bike Month Event)  5/11/2017
Staff Bike Tour   6/23/2017
Planning Commission Meeting- Draft Plan Update  7/24/2017
Planning Commission Meeting- Final Draft Plan Review  9//11/17
City Council Meeting- Draft Plan Adoption 10/3/2017

In 2011, the East Palo Alto Bicycle Transportation Plan was created to reflect the goals and policies of the 1999 General Plan and the Bay Access Master Plan. At the time of adoption the Bicycle Transportation Plan was visionary, as it envisioned improving the over-all health of the community through improved air-quality and by helping people stay physically fit. It embraced a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and it advocated for connectivity of schools with residential areas, shoppers with businesses, and commuters to employment centers.

Through the current plan update we are encouraging the public to consider identifying needs and challenges via surveys and public meetings in order to upgrade or construct new, safe, and efficient bicycle facilities, and to encourage and increase both local and regional bicycle ridership for East Palo Alto. 

Existing Bicycle Map
Existing and Proposed Bicycle Network_FINAL.jpg
Previous Adopted Documents
The EPA Bike Plan Update will be influenced by existing plans, policies, and programs that support walking, biking, driving, and living. Some of these documents are specific to the City and others are regional. This Plan will be consistent with and support these documents.
  1. 2035 General Plan- Transportation Chapter -2016
  2. Ravenswood/4 Corners Transit Oriented Development Specific Plan_Circulation -2012 
  3. Climate Action Plan-2011
  4. Bicycle Transportation Master Plan-2011
  5. Bay Access Master Plan-2007 

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