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Technology Employed by the East Palo Alto Police Department

It is the policy of the East Palo Alto Police Department to comply with applicable federal, state and local laws pertaining to the collection, integration, evaluation and dissemination of information related to suspected criminal activity. We strive to maintain a proper balance between our need to receive, assess and share information in order to conduct comprehensive investigations while protecting the privacy rights of community members.

The City of East Palo Alto Police Department currently employs the following technology for law enforcement purposes:


ShotSpotter, Inc., is a gunfire detection and location technology company. It own gunfire sensing technology and operates it on behalf of the East Palo Alto Police Department. ShotSpotter uses sensors to detect, locate and alert the Police Department of gunfire incidents in real time. The real-time digital alerts include a precise location on a map (latitude/longitude) with corresponding Meta data such as the address, number of rounds fired, and type of gunfire.

ShotSpotter stores the data at its own secure data center facilities. It independently performs validation of data accuracy upon installation and based upon service requests. ShotSpotter maintains the audio and incident data indefinitely.