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Nexus Study
Nexus Fee Study for RBD / Four Corners Transit Oriented Development Specific Plan
The RBD / Four Corners Specific Plan calls for higher and better uses in the plan area.As a result, additional infrastructure capacity will be needed, including road improvements to Bay Road and its underlying backbone infrastructure, including water, storm water, sewer, and underground utilities. The cost of the Infrastructure and parks, trails and community facilities included in the plan will cost an estimated $137 million.

In order to finance these improvements the city is authorized to levy development impact fees on new development that will benefit from these new facilities and infrastructure, according to the provisions outlined in AB 1600. In sum, to levy the fee, the city needs to prove that the the new development will create an impact, in other words, that there is a nexus between the development and the impact. In addition, the amount of impact fee charged needs to be roughly proportional to the amount of impact the development is creating.The Nexus study will establish the proportionate share of the infrastructure and community benefits cost of the RBD / Four Corners area. The impact fees can be converted into a land secure Community Facilities District (Mello Roos) or an Assessment District.

For more information, see the nexus fee study.