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Measure J
Information About Measure J

Revisions to Rent Stabilization and Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance Measure

September 2016

As East Palo Alto grows and changes, seniors, families and low-income residents have often struggled to afford to remain in the city where they have lived or worked for years. While the City has an existing Rent Stabilization Ordinance, it has proven confusing and costly to follow and administer.

Based on a study of the City’s Rent Stabilization Program, Measure J was developed with input from tenants and landlords and on July 19th was unanimously placed on the November 8th 2016 ballot by the City Council for voter consideration. Like the existing Ordinance, Measure J will provide protections for residential tenants in the City from unreasonable rent increases, protect tenants from arbitrary, discriminatory or retaliatory evictions, as well as assure landlords the right to a fair return.

If approved by voters, Measure J would clarify and improve the 2010 Rent Stabilization Ordinance by:

  • Defining  “maximum allowable rent” (which is not defined in the current ordinance) and clarifying how it is calculated
  • Revising the registration fee pass-through methodology and terminology
  • Limits yearly rent increases to 80% of the percentage increase in the CPI.  The overall rent increase, including the CPI-based rent adjustment and banked rent increases, may not exceed 10% in any twelve month period.
  • Streamlining annual general adjustment calculations
  • Strengthening informational notice provisions
  • Reducing paperwork and streamlining program management by eliminating annual rent registration and certification
  • Clarifying Rent Stabilization Board authority regarding notices and information requirements
  • Allowing evictions based upon proven nuisances or hazards
  • Authorizing the City Council to revise the Ordinance when in conflict with federal or state law and
  • Allowing program data to be shared for business taxing purposes

Thank you for your interest in Measure J. 

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